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[01 Jun 2015|08:09pm]

So I know that ain't nobody's looking on this page anymore, but...


I know /I/ got a serious case of deja vu looking at this. Anybody else? If anyone comes back to look at this?
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[30 Sep 2006|02:29am]

how's it going?
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TETRIS DS [11 Jul 2006|10:34pm]

Who has tetris gimme your friends code so we can play :)

Mine is


Add me :)
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[19 Feb 2006|11:08am]

well it's been a while. not too exiciting here but believe it or not, I try to keep it in shape. I updated the officers with the best of my knowledge, I only know who president is right now, so help me out here. if you left the commun then you're not listed in here at all. also there have been people joining who only make spam posts.

eh I guess that's all. congratulations
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[09 Nov 2005|09:09pm]


Courtney and I have gone up to see Mr. Brigdon to get clearance for the Gamers Club website. Also... since it is easiest to utilize, I have decided to use Geocities as our domain; I have looked at all of the other domains that I have been told about, and either A) it won't let me set up an account, or B) it is near impossible to set up a website on there. So to save time and stress, since I really wanted to get this site up and running a long time ago, but have been pretty busy, this is the easiest way to go. Thank you! ^--^
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[22 Sep 2005|06:04pm]

gamer's this saturday 6 -> 10

as usual.

if anyone has ideas for a peach-themed icon, wallpaper, color scheme, let me know ;> bd
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[15 Sep 2005|09:02pm]

gamer's saturday 6:00 -> 10:00 in the commons

alumni allowed as guests

for certain we will discuss gamer's activity on the internet during this meeting. there will be more than likely a splurge about conflicts so I'll tell you now. just don't do it |3 lots of people have left and I miss them~

ghetto poll (I never get sick of these |D):
what should the new upcoming theme of this community be?
vote one theme or input your own... I'm just throwing out ideas:
mario (mario bros? yoshi? donkey kong? mushrooms? peach? specify)
game console
katamari damacy
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[13 Sep 2005|06:30am]

I've made a terrible mistake; I've assumed too much, I've jumped to conclusions, I've broken my own rules

when we start bringing our problems here, it becomes a school issue, and we're threatened

therefore, as of today, personal things will be left out of here, and all new posts will have to be approved through me before they go up. also, please go back and friends-only any posts related to this

it's finally come to a close
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[11 Sep 2005|07:43pm]

Besides... isn't one of ther rules of the club:

1. No aggression of any kind. This includes console/game wars or conflicts among the members of the community.

(I found it on the front of the Gamers Club community... on accident, i swear)
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Hear me out... [11 Sep 2005|07:35pm]

Mandy is right... .`-. im not one to point fingers and to blame anybody, but this whole drama thing is not the fault of NEITHER Kassi and her group, NOR Courtney and her group. This is the fault of whomever is laying down all sorts of new rules. Don't get me wrong... I applaud some of the rules, like no boyfriend/girlfriend shenanigans (and i also agree with Mandy with theres no harm in hugging) or some of the other good rules... but I think when Mr. Brigdon, in my honost opinion, stepped in and started cracking down, that's when tension started rising. From that point... everything just kind of crumbled, and Gamers Club is, as we speak, a shining castle being crumbled down to a pile of rubble. But it's not too late to bring Gamers Club back up to its former glory: the Gamers Club we used to know and love. We just have to GET OVER OUR PERSONAL ISSUES WITH OTHER PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY OFFICERS!!!! We, as officers, are setting the example for the standard that Gamers Club is setting, so if we keep bickering and pointing fingers at eachother in a pitiful civil war, than that's what kind of a standard that Gamers will be setting: pretty much, a fight club. Think about it... is that what we want our club to be reduced to? Come on, people! Pat has worked too hard to keep our club alive for us to do this to him! I don't know about everyone else, but despite everything that's going on right now, I love this club just as much as I did when I entered those doors that fateful Saturday night on the very first meet I went to. And I'm not about to lose faith in it now! And I know (this is about to sould really cheesy) that deep down inside the rest of y'all, you feel the same way. So right here, right now, let's just put this drama to an end. Let's keep our Gamers Club strong. Let's be friends again. Please?
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[10 Sep 2005|03:26pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I hate to see the club fall apart like this, but I'm just a graduate. I guess my opinion would not matter anymore since I have technically been kicked out of the club, but that is ok. You can hear it anyway.

Out of the three years I was a member, nothing like this ever happened. Truthfully, all that has happened is things were carried out too far. If someone brings a movie every once in a while, it is not a big deal. Mature games were never a problem until they were made a problem, and if mature games are going to be banned they should all be banned, including Halo. To ban all mature games but one is hypocrisy and hypocrisy is wrong and stupid. I can fully understand the reasons mature games were banned, but I feel that since a lot of people in the club are seventeen anyway, this was not fair to them, because they are old enough to play the games in the first place with the mature level being seventeen and up. And a boy and girl hugging is not a horrible thing. You can yell at them when they start making out in the corner, that is completely different and inappropriate for the setting, but certainly no one is dying because of a hug. Also, no one can play a game for four hours straight. If people stop to talk to each other, no big deal. That is half the reason they are there. I want to talk to my friends at Gamer's because I do not get to see them during the week since I don't go to the school anymore, at least, that was the way I planned it to be before graduates were banned. I never get to see these people and I have no internet, surely I would want to talk to them for a little while?

This club has been ruined, and all because of some stupid drama that should have never happened in the first place. Everything was fine until people started trying to change the rules without having a vote, because the members should be voting on these things. Everyone has their own right to give their opinions, and whatever the mass opinion is, that is what we should go on. Some people have to understand that what they want is not always what everyone else wants, and I'm not saying I know what everyone wants, I'm just saying we should see what it is that most people agree on first. This upholds democracy and is what keeps it from becoming a dictatorship, it is the same concept.When you try to change the rules to fit your own opinions without hearing out anyone else you are going to upset people. There is no way around that. I'm not even very upset about all of this, I'm more upset about other things that have been going on, but there is no reason to rant about them in the Gamer's Club community. They have nothing to do with the club.

I have said my side and after tonight I will never be coming back to Gamer's ever again, so you don't have to listen to me if you don't want to.

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Hey :3 [03 Sep 2005|11:53pm]

Good news! About the pictures... thanks to Lane for providing me with a camera... I managed to catch... I think anywhere from 51-57 pictures tonight. Good thing :3 and as soon as I catch those pictures, I'll pick a few out that I won't be able to use, and present the rest to Pat on a floppy disk. I also have to clear the site idea thru Mr. Brigdon - -; I guess I'll take care of that after Pat OK's the images... >-> I want La Presidenta to go with me tho xD just for moral support. Well... not too much else to say... Cowboy Bebop Movie on now... byeeeeee! @@;
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About the website [27 Aug 2005|02:43pm]

[ mood | Must get site built! @@; ]

Hello, gamers |D here's the deal with teh website:

... I'm still trying to learn how to use HTML to be able to build the webpage .-.; not an easy task, as I've been caught up in so many other things lately to sit down and screw with an HTML learning site and my Notepad program to try to learn a little more. Case in point: if there's anyone out there who knows HTML, your help would be very much so appreciated ^-^ I remember Furinto mentioning that they're good with HTML... but any help would be appreciated! Just contact me thru e-mail (bugsybunny1987@yahoo.com), AIM (kenshinhimura682) or through here and say you wanna help :3

Other thing: PICTURES! Before all else, I'd like to thank Lane for providing... all of the pictures that I have xD but like I said during the meet during Activity period that morning, anyone's help is appreciated. If you have any pictures or a camera (digital preferred) that you could spare, please see me or Kassi. If you want to donate pictures, first off make sure they're APPROPRIATE! No skin, no bird-shooting (if you catch my drift), and nothing suggestive or otherwise lewd T-T; I'm going to be presenting all of the pictures to be used to Pat for approval. And if you think that you're picture is even somewhat inappropriate (and I think it'd be pretty obvious if it was >->;), than dont bother showing it, please! >D no true story behind that, but it's better to be safe than sorry with these kinds of things. Aside from that, I'm looking for all sorts of Gamers Club action, from DDR to Magic to Dungeons and Dragons, right down to the sheer randomness that is guaranteed to be at Gamers every at every meet xD everything is appreciated! So see me or Kassi if you have any pictures, and we'll tell you where to send them! Thanks! :3

Well... I guess I should apologize for the slow-in-coming debut of our website ;~; but learning HTML is no easy business xD well be sure to comment! Thanks alot, everyone! ^-^

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hey slackers |D [21 Aug 2005|09:32am]

there were a bunch of you missing from gamers yesterday, so I'll recap some points for you.

things that pat went over with us.Collapse )

dramarama: read this please.Collapse )

also, PLEASE.... PLEASE bring a television! we need them pretty badly! also, if there are any kinds of games that don't require a television, bring that, too.

ghetto poll |D (please respond!):
obviously, not everyone is 18+. what do you think of people playing AO 18+ rated games in gamers? should they not be allowed in a school environment? or if you don't like it, you don't have to look?
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alrighty [20 Aug 2005|02:06am]

a couple of things to address.

firstly, of course, gamers is saturday (that's today) from 6:00 - 10:00. if you're an officer, be there at 5:30.

the question on everyone's minds... what do we do with the dues?? I disagree with the idea of putting them towards televisions. if we need more TVs, just ask! we've done that before! besides, there are a good number of people who don't use the TVs at gamer's at all, and it doesn't seem fair to charge them for something that claims to benefit the club but has nothing to do with them.

the dues system is too complicated to work out for the t-shirt idea, and even then, there wll be some people who will not want one. if we are going to use dues for shirts, we need to drop monthly dues altoegther and have people pay upfront.

even though the seniors of last years are gone... they're here again... yeah, squatters -_- people who come to gamers just to talk and never intend on touching a game. we all know we don't like them (and they take advantage of the school lending us the commons for gamers club, not ice cream socials). so I'm going to say this.. and you know who you are.. if you're going to come to gamers tonight and all you're going to do is giggle over gay porn and squeal about anime conventions, don't come. "oh but I played this game." yeah, once; a fraction of your time spent playing games so small that it's practically non-existant. that doesn't cut it. you come to gamers to be a gamer, not a leech

also.. here's a suggestion: come to gamers equipped with a gaming console, a controller, and at least one video game. that way, we won't keep getting short of consoles.

thank you :)
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[13 Aug 2005|11:18pm]

It would seem that the first night of Gamers Club is a success :3> I had a good time, and I hope everyone else did, also!

Thanks for supporting my idea about the site, also ^--^ but I am running into a small problem: which domain should I use? If anyone knows a good domain, comment it please! I don't want to decide that on my own... might cause some disagreement. Here are some domain sites that I know (thanks to Lane for informing me about a couple of them ^^):
Take your pick on any of those, or put your own down, if you know any! ^^ A variety of domains would certainly help.

Also, T-shirts. Kassi and I have began sketching ideas for the T-shirt (until we got into a... uh... conversation about Mrs. or Ms. Tate >->) we still need to form a small group, amybe about 6 or 7 people, including myself and Kassi, to design the shirt. So far, the only idea I came up with was a NES controller with the words "EVANS HIGH GAMERS CLUB 2005-2006" on the top, and on the back are chibi versions of some of our members. If anyone has an idea to pitch in, comment it or draw it on a sheet of paper and show it to either me or Kassi on monday... but don't forget to say "I have an idea for the T-shirt! LOOKIE LOOKIE! xDDDD" ... nah, that last part could be overkill... just let us know what it is, mkay? ^^

Last order of business before I send this entry off... STOP TRYING TO STEAL MY YUKI HAT! xD there is NO NEED for that!
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[13 Aug 2005|01:22pm]

Hey there nerds! :3> Tongiht's finally the first night of teh Gamers! Can't wait! ^--^

And to Courtney: I, along with a few other people, I'm pretty sure (I saw a comment on it in the lat entry) was thinking that MAYBE if we can rake in enough money, we can form a small team and design a Gamers Club T-Shirt to sell later on... sound good?
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dues [13 Aug 2005|01:16pm]

it has been kind of sad here, no? >_o

anyways, sorry for the extreme lateness, but I hoep all of you can make it to tonight's meeting: school commons, 6pm -> 10pm

what I want to talk about here, more importantly, is dues..

what are they for? new televisions? are the ones we have now so terrible? I don't see as much "I don't have a TV to play on" and if we need more televisions, we can simply ask for people to bring some; they don't mind. we don't need to buy new televisions.

so what do we do about the dues?

if anything, it keeps gamers in and lurkers out. those who really enjoy the club and want to play games won't mind paying, while those who are here just to hang out don't think it's worth it.

getting a console or game is suiting for only a limited number of people, and we need something that everyone can use to its extent (since everyone is pitching in). a television would be nice, but that can be fixed just by requesting people to bring some in, so is there an alternate thing to buy?

not really. if we want to have a celebration, the dues can pay for that. but of course we'll have to tell everyone who comes just for the party to stay away.

we could have theme parties at gamer's... like video game character cosplay days... or a king of the nerds pageant XD I don't know, help me out here!

edit: there is another commun out here on LJ named gamers_club. don't mix us up!!!
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Gamers Meeting and t3h Flyers [11 Aug 2005|04:12pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

This Saturday at 6:00-10:00pm.


Alright, well. Jose mentioned that it would be a good idea to make flyers, and I agreed. So, I went to work on creating some.
^__^; I thought I'd put one on here and see what everything thinks of it.

Oh, and it says dues 3.50 because we're supposed to raise it. Officers~ Do you think that's a good price?

The FlyerCollapse )


I've asked before, but one more time.
TVs? Something else? Let me know or it won't happen. xx;

Thank you~
-The Pres, yo.

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by the way [02 Aug 2005|09:19pm]

[ mood | excited ]


Hey guys. School starts tomorrow, which means it's almost time for another season of Gamers to kick off. For most of us at least it will be our last official year for Gamers club, though Pat has always allowed graduates to return. Any special ideas for this year in particular?

See you in about ten hours. ♥

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