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hey slackers |D

there were a bunch of you missing from gamers yesterday, so I'll recap some points for you.

  • because gamers is the largest club in EHS, the capacity of the club was cut down to 60 members. if you came first meeting and paid, you are guaranteed a spot. after we get 60 paid members, we're closing the doors. however, if you do... well, anything pretty bad, you will have your spot revoked and someone can come take your place.
  • alumni are not allowed back to gamers. before you start thinking pat is some alumni-hater, this was NOT his decision. this was the decision of the principal, saying that alumni are considered adults, and "adults and children should not mix." bullshit, but what can we do?
  • a maximum of 15 guests are allowed per meeting and must be approved through courtney. however, the guest must pay their dues. this is a loophole for the no-alumni rule... but, to stop this loophole, alumni can only come every other week (and they still have to pay).
  • of course, as you SHOULD know, this is not boyfriend/girlfriend club. kissing your own hand is an exception for this rule.
  • we are about to order gamers shirts. they will be simple, black shirts with the gold letters "evans gamers club" no the front. sorry, matt, but we're not going fancy just to cut down on the price. if you want to make your own custom shirt, go for it, but it won't be the official shirt. the price is estimated to about $10. go find courtney and tell her your shirt size, and she'll enter you in. we need you to do this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to get this out of the way. if less than half of gamers don't apply for a shirt, we won't get them.
  • the "gamers bank" has around $700-$800. wahoo.

alright... for those of you that were here yesterday, this is redundant for you, but read it anyway... we needed to choose a new random officer because one of them had their place taken away, and we RANDOMLY chose a new officer (based on attendance, and since we didn't know what each person would contribute, we picked them... RANDOMLY!!).
**DRAMA** someone got upset that they weren't picked and complained. (also cried, to my knowledge). now, with us, crying does not make things any better for you. being a baby about it won't help, either! please just suck it up! no one was against you, but now at least I am because I don't think you can whine and sob your way to a gamers officer.
we try to be as un-biased as possible, which means we won't elect someone just because they're our friend. we elect someone based on what they contribute to the club, and how much they attend and are active. since all our candidates came, and all of them played games as they should, it had to be random. if you didn't get picked... tough love! maybe next time, but we're not going to revoke someone's "officer-dom" just because you threw a tantrum. like I said, complaining like a little girl is not going to get you anywhere, and, if anything, will discourage your chances of ever being elected in the future. **/DRAMA**

also, PLEASE.... PLEASE bring a television! we need them pretty badly! also, if there are any kinds of games that don't require a television, bring that, too.

ghetto poll |D (please respond!):
obviously, not everyone is 18+. what do you think of people playing AO 18+ rated games in gamers? should they not be allowed in a school environment? or if you don't like it, you don't have to look?
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