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About the website

Hello, gamers |D here's the deal with teh website:

... I'm still trying to learn how to use HTML to be able to build the webpage .-.; not an easy task, as I've been caught up in so many other things lately to sit down and screw with an HTML learning site and my Notepad program to try to learn a little more. Case in point: if there's anyone out there who knows HTML, your help would be very much so appreciated ^-^ I remember Furinto mentioning that they're good with HTML... but any help would be appreciated! Just contact me thru e-mail (bugsybunny1987@yahoo.com), AIM (kenshinhimura682) or through here and say you wanna help :3

Other thing: PICTURES! Before all else, I'd like to thank Lane for providing... all of the pictures that I have xD but like I said during the meet during Activity period that morning, anyone's help is appreciated. If you have any pictures or a camera (digital preferred) that you could spare, please see me or Kassi. If you want to donate pictures, first off make sure they're APPROPRIATE! No skin, no bird-shooting (if you catch my drift), and nothing suggestive or otherwise lewd T-T; I'm going to be presenting all of the pictures to be used to Pat for approval. And if you think that you're picture is even somewhat inappropriate (and I think it'd be pretty obvious if it was >->;), than dont bother showing it, please! >D no true story behind that, but it's better to be safe than sorry with these kinds of things. Aside from that, I'm looking for all sorts of Gamers Club action, from DDR to Magic to Dungeons and Dragons, right down to the sheer randomness that is guaranteed to be at Gamers every at every meet xD everything is appreciated! So see me or Kassi if you have any pictures, and we'll tell you where to send them! Thanks! :3

Well... I guess I should apologize for the slow-in-coming debut of our website ;~; but learning HTML is no easy business xD well be sure to comment! Thanks alot, everyone! ^-^
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