bugs_1987 (bugs_1987) wrote in gamersclub,

Hear me out...

Mandy is right... .`-. im not one to point fingers and to blame anybody, but this whole drama thing is not the fault of NEITHER Kassi and her group, NOR Courtney and her group. This is the fault of whomever is laying down all sorts of new rules. Don't get me wrong... I applaud some of the rules, like no boyfriend/girlfriend shenanigans (and i also agree with Mandy with theres no harm in hugging) or some of the other good rules... but I think when Mr. Brigdon, in my honost opinion, stepped in and started cracking down, that's when tension started rising. From that point... everything just kind of crumbled, and Gamers Club is, as we speak, a shining castle being crumbled down to a pile of rubble. But it's not too late to bring Gamers Club back up to its former glory: the Gamers Club we used to know and love. We just have to GET OVER OUR PERSONAL ISSUES WITH OTHER PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY OFFICERS!!!! We, as officers, are setting the example for the standard that Gamers Club is setting, so if we keep bickering and pointing fingers at eachother in a pitiful civil war, than that's what kind of a standard that Gamers will be setting: pretty much, a fight club. Think about it... is that what we want our club to be reduced to? Come on, people! Pat has worked too hard to keep our club alive for us to do this to him! I don't know about everyone else, but despite everything that's going on right now, I love this club just as much as I did when I entered those doors that fateful Saturday night on the very first meet I went to. And I'm not about to lose faith in it now! And I know (this is about to sould really cheesy) that deep down inside the rest of y'all, you feel the same way. So right here, right now, let's just put this drama to an end. Let's keep our Gamers Club strong. Let's be friends again. Please?
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