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Gamers Club
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Version 1: Yoshi's Sky

A long time ago, in a school library far, far away, a faculty member named Patrick and a few of his friends gathered on weekends to hold an unofficial club for gamers to play Dungeons and Dragons. In the recent years, the word has spread and it has expanded to an official club called the Gamers Club. Today, Gamers Club has its own LiveJournal community--and here it is!

This community is an online forum to discuss meetings and... of course... games in general. It is a representation of a real live club. It was created in order to help organize and expand this club.

This community is upheld by: kassichu

Club Members
President: sayuri822
Vice President: n/a
Secretary: n/a
Treasurer: n/a

Other members: furinto, y1337s, meguchan, kit_tilmett, bugs_1987, nael, pv, meltingflare

1. No aggression of any kind. This includes console/game wars or conflicts among the members of the community.
2. (as of 05-20-05) furinto is not allowed to get any prizes.
3. (as of 09-13-05) Leave your personal issues out of here. Game-related topics, please!
4. (as of 09-13-05) All entires must now be approved by me before they will go up.
(more rules to be added when issues arise)

Meetings Posts
Only members of Gamers Club, not third-party online members, can propose a meeting. When making a meeting post, use the following in the top of the entry (not in the title):
so that it will stand out and can be easily recognized. Also, it would be nice to include a location, time, etc. Meetings should be proposed a couple of days ahead of time. Also, even if there is a member that does not have a LiveJournal account, please send the link to this journal just so they can keep up with what's happening.

General Posts
Of course, this community is also to help regroup the members of this club. The people are not always together, so this can hopefully make us more organized. Any post can be made about video games, consoles, or gaming companies, and more topics will be allowed as they come up.

Question? Suggestion? Contact me at revloflymachine @ hotmail.com with a relevant subject.

To join this community, click here. An e-mail will be sent to me automatically to approve your request to join. Don't worry, I will always approve, but this is only to keep track of who is joining.

During the summertime, everybody gets all mixed up and out of contact. Hopefully, we can get things going again and have regular visits. I would really hate to see things fall apart.