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it has been kind of sad here, no? >_o

anyways, sorry for the extreme lateness, but I hoep all of you can make it to tonight's meeting: school commons, 6pm -> 10pm

what I want to talk about here, more importantly, is dues..

what are they for? new televisions? are the ones we have now so terrible? I don't see as much "I don't have a TV to play on" and if we need more televisions, we can simply ask for people to bring some; they don't mind. we don't need to buy new televisions.

so what do we do about the dues?

if anything, it keeps gamers in and lurkers out. those who really enjoy the club and want to play games won't mind paying, while those who are here just to hang out don't think it's worth it.

getting a console or game is suiting for only a limited number of people, and we need something that everyone can use to its extent (since everyone is pitching in). a television would be nice, but that can be fixed just by requesting people to bring some in, so is there an alternate thing to buy?

not really. if we want to have a celebration, the dues can pay for that. but of course we'll have to tell everyone who comes just for the party to stay away.

we could have theme parties at gamer's... like video game character cosplay days... or a king of the nerds pageant XD I don't know, help me out here!

edit: there is another commun out here on LJ named gamers_club. don't mix us up!!!
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