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a couple of things to address.

firstly, of course, gamers is saturday (that's today) from 6:00 - 10:00. if you're an officer, be there at 5:30.

the question on everyone's minds... what do we do with the dues?? I disagree with the idea of putting them towards televisions. if we need more TVs, just ask! we've done that before! besides, there are a good number of people who don't use the TVs at gamer's at all, and it doesn't seem fair to charge them for something that claims to benefit the club but has nothing to do with them.

the dues system is too complicated to work out for the t-shirt idea, and even then, there wll be some people who will not want one. if we are going to use dues for shirts, we need to drop monthly dues altoegther and have people pay upfront.

even though the seniors of last years are gone... they're here again... yeah, squatters -_- people who come to gamers just to talk and never intend on touching a game. we all know we don't like them (and they take advantage of the school lending us the commons for gamers club, not ice cream socials). so I'm going to say this.. and you know who you are.. if you're going to come to gamers tonight and all you're going to do is giggle over gay porn and squeal about anime conventions, don't come. "oh but I played this game." yeah, once; a fraction of your time spent playing games so small that it's practically non-existant. that doesn't cut it. you come to gamers to be a gamer, not a leech

also.. here's a suggestion: come to gamers equipped with a gaming console, a controller, and at least one video game. that way, we won't keep getting short of consoles.

thank you :)
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